We Love
Open Source!

We share our knowledge and support our community to use neural search in millions of different ways.


Open source opens you up to competition

Open source is just for collecting Github stars

Open source is just a one-off for the press release

Open source is non-profit

open source =
open source code
+ open governance

We make our projects sustainable and community-driven.

We work together with other open source projects.

We're all about open governance and looking for partners to make that happen

Why not just do this at a huge company?

Because we give a damn!

If we don’t like something, we change it and make it better.

our team

Julian Freeleagus

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Hayden McKenzie

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Zac Cain

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our company culture:

We do not waste time on things we do not believe.

We don’t lock up our value and innovation in “the way people have always done it.” We are receptive to change.

We don’t compromise our standards.