Jina is the cloud-native neural search solution powered by the state-of-the-art AI and deep learning technology.

Install from PyPi

On Linux/MacOS with Python >= 3.7 installed, simply run this command in your terminal:

Run with Docker Container

We provide a universal Jina image(only 80MB!) that supports multiple architectures (including x64, x86, arm-64/v7/v6), simply do:

Install On Raspberry Pi

On Raspberry or other Linux systems with Python >= 3.7 installed, you can simply install Jina via:

Getting Started

The ‘Jina 101: First Thing To Learn About Jina’ is something you must read before getting started. This simple handbook helps you to know the basic concepts that have been built in Jina.

Jina "Hello, World!"

As a starter, we invite you to try Jina's "Hello, World" - a quick demo of image neural search for Fashion-MNIST. Just do:

...or even easier for Docker users, no any install required, simply

Unleash your curiosity with Jina and

happy searching

get started
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