23 July: Join Us to Discuss Neural Search and Open Source

Neural Search: next level search systems fueled by open-source

Join us on Zoom on 23 July for a discussion on the most forward-thinking ideas around open source and AI!

23 July 2020 - 19:30-21:00 CET+1 (Berlin time)

About the Webinar

30 years ago, it all started from a simple search box. Since then the technologies behind modern search engines have evolved at an enormous speed. Today, with the increasing number of long documents and multimedia data, finding the right information is more important and challenging than ever.

The rise of deep learning has enabled a new era of "neural search". In this webinar, we'll introduce you to the idea and technology behind neural search:

  • Deep learning for embedding-based retrieval (NLP + Computer Vision)
  • NLP for more granular insights (e.g. Question Answering)
  • Towards a universal neural search engine
  • Open-source as a company


  • Talk 1: "Question Answering at scale: Improving search results with direct answers" by Malte Pietsch (deepset)
  • Talk 2: "Jina: an easier way to build neural search in the cloud" by Han Xiao (Jina AI)
  • Panel Discussion

About Deepset

Deepset: We bridge the gap between NLP research and the industry. With our open-source software "Haystack", we enable developers to use the latest language models & Question Answering technology to boost their neural search. Our additional features & services help enterprises to build, run and maintain production-ready neural search applications.

About Jina AI

Jina AI is a Neural Search Company, providing cloud-native neural search powered by state-of-the-art AI and deep learning. Our mission is to build an open-source neural search ecosystem for businesses and developers, enabling everyone to search for information in all kinds of data with high availability and scalability.

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